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A Mental Change of Pace

The realization that it’s not your physical location, but your state of mind, your self control, your perseverance.

Not a great realization once you register you need to work on all three.

Your state of mind! So often we don’t realize when we’re losing our mental clarity until it’s already gone.

How frustrating to realize knowing yourself is something that must be worked on consistently. Much like working out, it is a forever ongoing process. While it may get easier with practice and time, you can’t ever stop. And it’s much easier to go the wrong way down the path.

How frustrating to realize you can think you’re finding yourself, when so much relies on the influence of others - and when they remove this influence, you realize you had only found yourself in their shadow, and without this protection, the wrath of openness sends you fleeing again into uncertainty.

It blows my mind when people won’t even allow themselves the chance to be happy - for fear of unhappiness.

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